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Ken Schartel, Sr – Owner and Founder

The heart and soul of Affordable Automotive. The continuation of a dream originally started back before he could drive. To have and to own the best automotive repair shop around. From his youth, Ken has had the natural gift of being the “Car Whisperer.” His skills were in place and throughout the years created, explored more, and dug deeper into the mechanical world of the auto industry. His high school years excelled at ensuring all teachers whom he had classes with vehicles ran great! During this time he found a great mentor in Mr ‘G’ a shop teacher who saw the skill in Ken. After ensuring graduation. Ken followed the call to the west. Once in Denver, Co. enrolled at Denver Automotive and Diesel college and working for Dean Chevrolet his future was clear. After a few years and experience, Ken found himself in a position to build his dream of owning his own shop. Over the years he has earned the reputation that precedes him as The Top Technician around.

Ken Schartel, Jr. – Business Manager

Growing up around cars and constantly seeing the inner working under the hood, turning a wrench came naturally. Though life wasn’t always destined to follow in his father’s footsteps, the knack for tinkering never left. Starting off working at Firehouse Subs gaining traction in management, the time came when he moved on to turning a wrench. Starting off in the trenches, mastering brakes all the way up to engine swaps. We all have to get our hands dirty. Deciding that finishing college was a goal worth completing. Graduating from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and working in airport management at Orlando Sanford International Airport for a number of years. While life changes so did the path that Kenny was taking, eventually finding his way back to Affordable Automotive.

During this time roles were changed and a new life brought into Affordable Automotive. Taking lessons from previous experience and new guidance for the future. Looking to take Affordable Automotive to the next 25 years and beyond.

Miles Maduri – Auto Technician

Miles M. He’s been with Affordable Automotive since 2010 and has proved why he’s our “General”. Starting off tinkering with cars at a young age, always the young man on point when things broke. He found himself going through high school like most motorheads of the time enjoying Fast and Furious street light nights burning rubber. He joins us after spending some time working with European vehicles and side jobs with friends. In need of a job and a technician (at Affordable) he found a home and grew up learning from Pops and Johnny B (John Baird) the dos and don’ts. He’s become our lead man behind that office. From heavy line engine swaps, timing belts, and fabrication, to pass down what he’s learned to the next technician coming in.

Zach Kelley – Auto Technician

Zach K is our most recent addition to the Affordable Automotive family. Fresh from Cody Wyoming he just finished his hockey career and is now found an amazing place to spread his wings… Like most of us who join the ranks as a “gear head” or “Mechanic” better-served Auto technician. Have no idea what’s ahead, there’s more to it than just wrenches. Learning to understand and diagnose is a unique skill these days, having that drive is why Zach is with us, the driving force in tomorrow’s technician.

Mark Ehringer – Service Writer

Mark E. Starting with us in late 2019 brings years of automotive experience in various aspects of the industry. His background in ASE Master Tech Certification through Honda/Acura and Service writing has brought our operation to new heights. Performing everything from understanding customer complaints and transferring them to technicians, estimations, and service parts management. Insurance estimating for mechanical breakdown and auto collision. Let us not forget what keeps us moving daily, phone calls and estimates. Never be too busy to call and answer your questions today.